Key Statutes

The key goal of ZARS is to provide a platform for all the students who is willing to communicate in Russian, to learn about the culture of various countries where Russian language is spoken and to play some games. For non-native speakers it is a chance to improve their language skills, for native speakers - to communicate in their native language.

At the same time, we have a strict set of rules that MUST be respected by all member and non-member participants.
1. We do not discuss any political issues. These topics are prohibited since they are not in line with the goals of the Association.

2. The attendance is opened to everyone: from native speakers to non-native speakers from all over the world regardless of their ethnic background, native language, gender or religion. The only prerequestment is willingness to speak Russian or to learn about the culture of the countries having Russian-speaking population.

3. Any attempts of the offensive behaviour violating rules mentioned in the statutes #1 and #2 will be immidiately reported to the corresponding instances.

4. The membership is opened to any other person and is free of charge. To become a member, please, register at the tab Registration and inform us about it per E-mail.

5. Meetings can be attended both by members and non-members.

6. All the members will be informed in advance about the meetings, which will take place on the regular basis.

7. All the members may vote for the Board, which is elected on the annual basis.